About Us

Given the huge differences between their mother tongues and second languages, many learners lack of the confidence and motivation they need to succeed. Even for those who study hard, they still face many difficulties due to limited use of the target language in their daily lives and lack of adequate learning support. On multicultural campuses, there is a pressing need for the teachers to adapt existing language programs for their academically- and culturally-diverse student population. In view of the rising need for a customizable and handy tool for the 21st Century classroom, mLang is the brainchild of seasoned researchers and practitioners that offers a personalised online platform for enhancing learning and teaching effectiveness through users’ content generation and peer co-construction of knowledge.

mLang works on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. It is designed specifically to boost students’ language proficiency and self-confidence by maximizing their strengths and fixing weaknesses, students join forces with their teachers to design their very own learning and teaching experiences online. Student users are encouraged to create their personal sets of e-flashcard based on themes specified by the teachers on the platform, which are used in follow-up interactive language tasks and peer games. The combination of form (text), sound (audio recording), meaning (visual representation of character/phrase), and multimodal corrective feedback enables students to acquire a sizable vocabulary alongside numerous sentence patterns, steps for paragraph development, and even complete pieces of writing within a short time span. The self-created content is securely stored in the cloud for access anytime, anywhere as ideal references for offline classroom tasks on the four essential skills, i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Not only can mLang enhance students' self-confidence and sense of ownership in smart and engaging ways, but it also relieves teachers of burdensome syllabus design/modification, school-based course materials development, and class preparation in traditional formats.

Founded by a team of experts from the Faculties of Education and Engineering at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), m-Chinese Solution Limited aims to develop fun, effective, and innovative pedagogies to help students learn their second, foreign and heritage languages with confidence through mLang[email protected] and Pedagogy: The L2 Learning Platform. With the mission of creating virtual learning environment that transcends language, formal and spatial constraints for students and teachers of all ethnicities, mLang has received funding from the Quality Education Fund (QEF), the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities ([email protected]), SIE Fund, UBS Optimus Foundation and Kadoorie Charitable Foundation since its official launch in 2015.

Team Members

Management Board:

Dr. Loh Ka Yee, Elizabeth, Chief Executive Officer (Founder & CEO; Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean [Knowledge Exchange], Faculty of Education, HKU)

Dr. Ki Wing Wah, Research and Technical Director (Founder; Honorary Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU)

Advisory Board:

Ms. Nocholas Suzi, ESL Curriculum Advisor (Lecturer, Division of English Language Education, Faculty of Education, HKU)

Ms. Ng Ankie, Strategic Advisor (Founder & CEO, Shifted)

Ms. Lao Janice, Strategic Advisor (Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability , The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH)

Mr. Ling Ho Wan Howard, Strategic Advisor (Chief Consultant of Social Enterprise Business Centre, and Director of Linkswork Co. Ltd., and Chappie HK Co. Ltd

Operation Team:

Dr. Lau Kwok Chang, Project Manager and CSL Curriculum Development Officer

Ms. Choi Jessica, ESL Curriculum Development Officer

Mr. Li Kin On MBCS, Technology Development Manager

Mr. Cheung Kwun Hin Alex, Project Officer

Mr. Lam Wing Lun Alan, Technology Officer

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  • Phone (852) 2799 3019
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